I start puppies at 10 weeks old so that they are learning good habits the day they come into your home. You can actually start training a puppy before ten weeks old but their bladders do not have the stamina to be successful in the program. If you have an older dog who is used to using the inside of your home as the toilet or runs out an open door and into the street, it’s going to be much harder to teach that dog that their behavior is not acceptable any longer. Where with a puppy they do not have any of these bad habits that need to be broken. By setting up a program with a new puppy I am able to teach the whole family how to deal with this puppy right from the beginning and create good habits for everyone. A destructive dog or an un-housebroken dog can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home. I can also help if you have an older dog. Any age can be trained
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