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Hal from Canine Magic is AMAZING! Seriously… no treats, no yelling, just straight forward training that will allow you to enjoy your dogs and keep the peace in your home without loud barking, furniture scratching, etc., etc.!!! AND… he comes to your home! Our dogs had no manners, and our BEAGLE was just crazy… lol! But… after a few sessions, she was good to go… and our second dog is just enjoying the training. But you don’t need to take my word for it… just give him a call… you’ll see. 🙂


We adopted a Great Dane puppy in late 2009. We knew that having such a large animal would require some serious training. I had trained other smaller dogs in the past and they were always ‘ok’ and manageable but still with issues that I couldn’t take care of myself. I contacted Canine Magic and set up a time to begin training. Both our Great Dane puppy and our 10 year old Vizsla have done incredibly well in their training. They both understand that we are the ‘pack leaders’. That is essential to training. Could not be happier that we chose Canine Magic.

Andre and Melina, Windermere, FL

When my husband and I moved to Orlando, the first thing on our “To Do” list was to find a trainer for our wonderful but aggressive dog. After meeting with several companies in our area, we chose Canine Magic Dog Training.
Hal is hands down the best in the business. Now we can take a nice walk through the park and not worry. Not only does he have many years of experience but his training methods are EXCEPTIONAL.
If you really want results, you will not be disappointed. Skilled, reliable, responsive, extremely professional….I can’t say enough good things about Hal and Canine Magic! ***** 5 stars!
I would recommend this company to anyone.
Thank you so much!

John Orsini

Hal came to our rescue when we thought our lab puppy was ” schizoid.” He assured us that she was not and proceeded to instruct us in the correct way to train our puppy. Hal is personable and easy to talk to. He knows his subject inside and out. His methods are humane and designed in the pet’s and the family’s best interest. The personal attention we received made a huge difference in our pup’s training. Group classes, which we tried before calling Hal, were not effective,based as they were on food rewards. Our Maggie was repeating bad behavior just to get her treat. Hal’s method stresses the “pack-leader” approach, which we found, is the most effective. The other great feature of Canine Magic is that Hal is always available to consult when the need may arise. We are so happy that we called Hal.

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My husband and I are so happy we found Canine Magic. Before Hal, we were overwhelmed and struggling to gain control of you very stubborn Jack Russell Terrier, Harley. We saw improvement in Harley in every lesson. She is behaving better than we ever imagined! I would highly recommend Hal to other dog owners.

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Works magic! I cannot say enough wonderful things about Hal, but the most important is how he changed my life with my great dane Smalls. When I contacted Hal I was at my wits end and terrified of walking my dog in a situation with other dogs as he would lunge, bark, pull and was out of control. One session, one time, and I NEVER had a problem walking my dog again. He is absolutely amazing and I WISH I still lived in Orlando for more advanced training, however, he still answers my calls and gives training advice whenever I need it. Hal, if you’re reading this, THANK YOU!


We decided to adopt a pug puppy (forgetting how puppies can be) after our 15 year old Pug passed away.

After a few months of dealing with our household being completely unsettled I contacted Hal.

It was absolutely amazing how Hal worked with us and our Pug, Stella. The first 15 minutes of the first lesson he had her sitting on command. I had to sit down because I could not believe it.

I am very pleased to report that several months after our last class our Stella is a different dog. Hal is truly a miracle worker. I thought we were going to have to take our babies back to the breeder because she was just impossible. But now she is the sweetest little girl, just what we wanted.

I highly recommend Hal to anyone who needs puppy training or even big dog training. He is very good at what he does and believe me we shopped around.

Hal is very knowledgeable and customizes his program to match your situation. He does not use treats which was a big plus for us since Pugs are totally driven by food. Not only is Hal professional and experienced but he is a darn nice guy.

Hal you are the best!!!!


We adopted a rescue Airedale terrier about 2 years ago and from day one Monty was a ‘project’. He didn’t listen at all but his worst habit was bolting for the door every time it opened. He has gotten loose several times and once was found about 2 miles away from our house. Another time he ran straight for a six lane highway. We were constantly nervous about friends and kids coming in and out of our house and Monty getting loose. It was also a pretty miserable experience walking him on a leash. He pulled and strained and barked at everything. I heard about Canine Magic from a guy who was walking his dog in my neighborhood and saw me trying to wrestle Monty. There really are no words to describe what Hal has done with Monty – and us – in a few short weeks. I keep telling Hal, and anyone else who will listen, that the change in our dog is truly a miracle!! In addition to the usual sit, stay, down, etc. Hal helped us train Monty on the important stuff that could cost him his life if he were not trained. No more battles at the front door when the doorbell rings. Monty backs up about 10 feet and we open the door wide open while he sits and waits. He goes to his ‘place’ during dinner time or when company is over and stays there until released. He walks beautifully on a leash (with a pinch collar that I once thought was cruel but it’s a lifesaver)and heels, sits at an intersection until given heel command, and no more pulling on the leash. Monty is currently learning the boundaries of his front yard and we have progressed to the point that the neighbor’s kids can play in the street and call his name and he won’t leave the yard! Hal’s training techniques are solid and effective because he thinks like a dog and teaches us how to think like a dog! I would never have guessed that our dog could be so different in just 10 weeks but he is. In fact, Monty was a better dog after the very first lesson! We can never thank Hal enough for training Monty to be such a pleasure to our family!


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