Words can’t describe what Hal did for my lab Jackson. Another local trainer told me some dogs have their “wiring crossed” and can’t be trained.I felt devastated by this. After only a few lessons with Hal most of Jackson’s bad habits were broken.He has a very strong hunting drive, but now we can walk right past the ducks in our neighborhood without one tug on the leash. People coming to the door,no problem! As soon as the doorbell rings,he runs to his “Place” and waits. As the lessons went by with Hal, I saw that it was by no means an intelligence problem or “wiring” problem with Jackson.He just needed a trainer who knew what he was doing, and that is Hal . Jackson just turned 2 yrs old and he is by far one of the most intelligent dogs I have ever had.Thanks to Hal, he is also a well behaved member of the family. If your looking for a great trainer, look no further than Canine Magic!

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