We adopted a rescue Airedale terrier about 2 years ago and from day one Monty was a ‘project’. He didn’t listen at all but his worst habit was bolting for the door every time it opened. He has gotten loose several times and once was found about 2 miles away from our house. Another time he ran straight for a six lane highway. We were constantly nervous about friends and kids coming in and out of our house and Monty getting loose. It was also a pretty miserable experience walking him on a leash. He pulled and strained and barked at everything. I heard about Canine Magic from a guy who was walking his dog in my neighborhood and saw me trying to wrestle Monty. There really are no words to describe what Hal has done with Monty – and us – in a few short weeks. I keep telling Hal, and anyone else who will listen, that the change in our dog is truly a miracle!! In addition to the usual sit, stay, down, etc. Hal helped us train Monty on the important stuff that could cost him his life if he were not trained. No more battles at the front door when the doorbell rings. Monty backs up about 10 feet and we open the door wide open while he sits and waits. He goes to his ‘place’ during dinner time or when company is over and stays there until released. He walks beautifully on a leash (with a pinch collar that I once thought was cruel but it’s a lifesaver)and heels, sits at an intersection until given heel command, and no more pulling on the leash. Monty is currently learning the boundaries of his front yard and we have progressed to the point that the neighbor’s kids can play in the street and call his name and he won’t leave the yard! Hal’s training techniques are solid and effective because he thinks like a dog and teaches us how to think like a dog! I would never have guessed that our dog could be so different in just 10 weeks but he is. In fact, Monty was a better dog after the very first lesson! We can never thank Hal enough for training Monty to be such a pleasure to our family!

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