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Hal helped me out so much! He was able to help me train my two dogs to go on walks with me at the same time. I didn’t think this was possible considering one dog weighs only 5 pounds and the other weighs 80 lbs! One of the best parts about working with Hal is that his style of training is simple and easy to do and practice between training sessions. I highly recommend using Hal for any dog training you may need!

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I highly recommend Hal as a dog trainer! We have an Oldde English Bulldogge with that he has worked wonders with-or I should say he has worked wonders with me as the dog’s owner! I am confident in handling her in any situation (she can be quite strong). He teaches all the basics: leash training, heal, door manners, place, perimeter training, etc. and will work on any problems you may have. He also makes himself available if you have any issues between lessons. His methods are very similar to that of Caesar Millan if you have ever seen the Dog Whisperer: calm, assertive commands-and no bribes with treats. There is a mutual respect between dogs and human. You can tell Hal has been working with dogs for a long time and that he really loves and respects them.


Words can’t describe what Hal did for my lab Jackson. Another local trainer told me some dogs have their “wiring crossed” and can’t be trained.I felt devastated by this. After only a few lessons with Hal most of Jackson’s bad habits were broken.He has a very strong hunting drive, but now we can walk right past the ducks in our neighborhood without one tug on the leash. People coming to the door,no problem! As soon as the doorbell rings,he runs to his “Place” and waits. As the lessons went by with Hal, I saw that it was by no means an intelligence problem or “wiring” problem with Jackson.He just needed a trainer who knew what he was doing, and that is Hal . Jackson just turned 2 yrs old and he is by far one of the most intelligent dogs I have ever had.Thanks to Hal, he is also a well behaved member of the family. If your looking for a great trainer, look no further than Canine Magic!


I never thought there would be a day when I could go out and about with Presley. After our second lesson with Hal I had my house back and Presley was learning his boundaries. Just had my first night out with dinner and friends and Presley was THE BEST DOG EVER. No growling, barking, or crying just sat there and watched the people. The training was so worth it and I love my little dog.


Hal has taught these 2 “Old Dogs” (pet parents of a new puppy for the 1st time in 21 years) how to be better pet parents, and therefore better trainers of our extremely intelligent and incredibly bratty puppy. We now enjoy our time with him and he is enjoying his place in the family. We have learned to be “pack leaders” without being overbearing and we have a very happy healthy puppy! Thanks Hal, for your patience and your tenacity.


I have two yorkies that I could not get potty trained. I have a few other issues but potty training was the biggest. I could not be more pleased with the training that they received. Hal is great and knows exactly what he is doing. I would recommend Hal to everyone. Thank you for helping me like my boys again.


Years ago, Hal trained Kaiser, our white German Shepherd. Through the years (all 12 of them!), Kaiser has been a wonderful pet and family member. He has been a well behaved and sociable animal. Hal taught Kaiser all the basics and more. Hal also taught my family how to work with Kaiser, to reinforce existing lessons and how to teach him other things. Looking for a trainer? Go with Hal – it’s a sound decision for you and your pet.

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Hal from Canine Magic is AMAZING! Seriously… no treats, no yelling, just straight forward training that will allow you to enjoy your dogs and keep the peace in your home without loud barking, furniture scratching, etc., etc.!!! AND… he comes to your home! Our dogs had no manners, and our BEAGLE was just crazy… lol! But… after a few sessions, she was good to go… and our second dog is just enjoying the training. But you don’t need to take my word for it… just give him a call… you’ll see. 🙂


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