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The Well Mannered Pet

I will teach your dog to:

  • Walk properly on a leash
  • Stay at your left leg and walk even with you
  • Ensure that your dog will heel properly in public
  • To sit and stay

And a few of the commands:

  • The release command
  • The down command
  • Down stay
  • To back away from open doors
  • The come command
  • The place command

Advanced Obedience

The Advanced Obedience program is mainly for someone who has already been through a well-mannered pet program. This program will give your dog:

  • The advanced knowledge of how to behave off the leash
  • The far enough command
  • The let’s go command

Tricks for Treats

Treats for Tricks is a program for someone who has already been through the well-mannered pet program. This is a fun program to teach your dog some tricks. that are not only fun to impress friends and family but could also be used in television commercials. You can chose up to three different tricks that I can help you select which ones are right for you. Normally I use the clicker method for this program which makes the tricks fun for the dog because there is no discipline involved.


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