Hal helped me out so much! He was able to help me train my two dogs to go on walks with me at the same time. I didn't think this was possible considering one dog...

Matt & Rebecca

We have been extremely fortunate and pleased with Hal and Canine Magic. We have an English Golden Retriever puppy. We have had several dogs over the past 18...


I never thought there would be a day when I could go out and about with Presley. After our second lesson with Hal I had my house back and Presley was learning...

Google User

Hal from Canine Magic is AMAZING! Seriously... no treats, no yelling, just straight forward training that will allow you to enjoy your dogs and keep the peace in...


We adopted a Great Dane puppy in late 2009. We knew that having such a large animal would require some serious training. I had trained other smaller dogs in the...

Google User

Works magic! I cannot say enough wonderful things about Hal, but the most important is how he changed my life with my great dane Smalls. When I contacted Hal I...

Google User

I highly recommend Hal as a dog trainer! We have an Oldde English Bulldogge with that he has worked wonders with-or I should say he has worked wonders with me as...


I have two yorkies that I could not get potty trained. I have a few other issues but potty training was the biggest. I could not be more pleased with the...

Andre and Melina, Windermere, FL

When my husband and I moved to Orlando, the first thing on our “To Do” list was to find a trainer for our wonderful but aggressive dog. After meeting with...

Zaida Sosa

Actually he is training my 3 years old Pug and the change of my dog is very notable. He is very good with dogs. 🙂


We adopted a rescue Airedale terrier about 2 years ago and from day one Monty was a 'project'. He didn't listen at all but his worst habit was bolting for the...

Donna M.

We got our yellow lab Charley in February of 2014. Hal trained our first lab back in 2000. I started with another trainer who came highly recommended when we got...

Google User

My husband and I are so happy we found Canine Magic. Before Hal, we were overwhelmed and struggling to gain control of you very stubborn Jack Russell Terrier,...


We decided to adopt a pug puppy (forgetting how puppies can be) after our 15 year old Pug passed away. After a few months of dealing with our household being...

Maureen Doyle

Amazing help and we love the advice and directions, best investment for your new family member ever!!!


My husband and I brought home our first puppy Sully, and we were clueless how to train him. More than training the dog - we needed to be trained! We looked into...


THIS IS LONG BUT A MUST READ FOR ANYONE CONSIDERING DOG TRAINING!!! A year ago my husband and I took in a 12 week old puppy from a rescue, a Labrador-Pitbull...


Hal has taught these 2 "Old Dogs" (pet parents of a new puppy for the 1st time in 21 years) how to be better pet parents, and therefore better trainers of our...


Words can't describe what Hal did for my lab Jackson. Another local trainer told me some dogs have their "wiring crossed" and can't be trained.I felt devastated...


Hal literally did an amazing job training our dog and us. We rescued a lab mix and worried that he was aggressive. Hal convinced us that he was a good dog. We...

John Orsini

Hal came to our rescue when we thought our lab puppy was " schizoid." He assured us that she was not and proceeded to instruct us in the correct way to train our...

Google User

Works magic! I cannot say enough wonderful things about Hal, but the most important is how he changed my life with my great dane Smalls. When I contacted Hal I...


Years ago, Hal trained Kaiser, our white German Shepherd. Through the years (all 12 of them!), Kaiser has been a wonderful pet and family member. He has been a...

Randy Olsson

I must say that I agree with the name: Canine Magic. We have a 5 month GSD that seems to have come from a long military / police line. His behavior was extremely...

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Canine Magic, 407-227-5748, is proud to offer In-Home Dog Training, the most effective method of dog training in the Central Florida area, including Orlando, Winter Park and Windermere!

In-Home Dog Training Means:

  • You and your dog are more comfortable in your own environment
  • You and your dog will be more open to learning
  • Your dog will be less distracted and more willing to learn
  • This method will save you time and money!

The sole focus of Canine Magic In-Home Dog Training is to make your dog a productive and enjoyable family member. Teaching your dog the rules of your home and how to respond to commands is going to be useful in and around your home.


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