About Orlando Dog Trainer, Hal Bannasch

Greetings Fellow Dog Lovers!

My name is Hal Bannasch and I am the founder, owner and head dog trainer of Canine Magic. You won't be called on by any sales representative or talk to a receptionist when you call. You will only talk to me. I believe in delivering personalized service to my clients and their dogs. Hal

A training program is only as good as the trainer giving the program so let me tell you a little bit about myself. My love of dogs started when I was very young with my father. My father is a hunter and we always had hunting dogs in our family. Dad always trained them so I grew up in an environment that promoted training your dog. So I attribute my beginnings to him. Right out of high school, I proudly joined the United States Air Force and was lucky enough to be chosen to become part of the K-9 program. After being a patrol dog handler for about a year, luck struck again and I was chosen to become part of the bomb detection dog program. This was my job for the rest of my military career and I loved it! When I was honorably discharged, I knew that I wanted to pursue a profession in dog training. I went to work for a company in south Florida where I trained bomb and drug dogs. After that I got a job with another company in south Florida whereHal I stayed for 12 years doing in-home dog training.

In 1993 I opened Canine Magic and, on an average, work with 25-30 dogs of every breed, size and age, per week. I am the one who will be coming to your home, meeting with you, answering all your questions, and working with you and your dog. I do not believe in any one method of training as the method that works on your dog may not work on your neighbor’s dog and vice-versa. A good trainer has to have an open mind and is constantly learning and trying to improve themselves. I have lived in the great state of Florida since 1982, specifically in the Orlando area since 1990. Also I am a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals and the Better Business Bureau, and have worked with such charities as, Make-A-Wish Foundation and Shepherds Hope.

It makes no sense at all to sign a dog-training contract without meeting your trainer. So before you contract with anyone else, give me a call, 407-227-5748, and let's talk. I have devoted my life to doing what I love best, dog training, and would love to share that experience with you!

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